Step Inside the Wonderful World of Botanicals…

With hundreds of Botanicals up for grabs, the potential flavour combinations and individual measurements of herbs, spices, flowers, roots, fruits, seeds and berries are infinite! From the traditional to the unique, it takes time and dedication (and lots of strenuous taste testing) to find the perfect blend. The possibilities and complexities are endless, which is why we are always excited to produce our next unique gin…

Juniper Berries

The quintessential botanical. No juniper berries, no gin!
Thankfully we include an abundance of these pungent little berries! Fragrant and spicy with hints of lavender and pepper, Juniper provide an aroma of pine and fruit, while giving a slightly bittersweet taste on the palate.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander is the second most important botanical in gin.
Fragrant and aromatic, with a slight spice and a hint of lemon on the nose.
These contrasting notes provide a balance of sharp citrus and mellow aromatics.

Orange & Lemon Peel

Adding a fresh citrus burst, but sweeter than its lemony cousin, Orange Peel brings a subtle juicy aroma to the gin.
The oils from the lemon peel provides a fresh and zingy fragrance, use the perfect amount to give a subtle lemony aroma.

Cardamom Seeds

Hints of lemon and citrus are curiously opposed by a slightly smokey undertone.
Combined with a subtle minty and herbaceous fragrance, this gorgeously complex spice provides bags of character!