Infused with Heather…


‘Navigator: First Voyage

‘Navigator’ blends 10 fabulously fragrant Botanicals, to give a unique depth of flavour. Combining classic Juniper, Coriander and Angelica Roots, with the citrus kick of Orange and Lemon Peel. Infusing Heather Tips found locally on the North York Moors.

On the Nose: Subtle blossom and floral notes from the moorland Heather, combined with a fresh citrus aroma
On the Palate: Smooth and mellow with a pleasantly crisp citrus kick. Combining a sweet and peppery aftertaste from the Heather and Juniper.
Finish: Refreshing and moreish with a sweet, floral and citrus finish.
ABV: Alc 42% Vol.

Serve over ice, with Elderflower Tonic and a slice of Fresh Orange and Lemon.

‘Rhubarb Gin’

The first in our range of flavoured gins, our Rhubarb Gin is a combination of fruity and fresh hits and classic botanical flavours.

On the Nose: Sweet and full bodied Rhubarb aromas, with fresh and fruity hints.
On the Palate: A slight tart and tangy Rhubarb kick, combined with smooth vanilla notes and classic juniper and coriander aftertaste.
Finish: Rich and indulgent balancing sweet and sour flavours.
ABV: Alc 40% Vol

Serve straight with ice, or combine with Elderflower or Ginger Ale tonic, with a slice of fresh Lime.

‘Honey & Citrus Gin’

Our third gin combines traditional botanicals, with local North Yorkshire heather Honey and fresh Lime, Orange and Lemon peel.

On the Nose: The local Heather Honey, gives a subtle background aroma of honey, combined with hints of natural citrus.
On the Palate: The combination of fresh Lime, Lemon & Orange peel, give an undeniably fresh kick of citrus, with a very subtle honey aftertaste.
Finish: Crisp and fresh finish, with a moreish twang.
ABV: Alc 41% Vol

Serve over ice, with a Mediterranean Tonic, with Orange, Lemon & Lime peel

‘Captain Cook Vodka’

Our first premium vodka is double distilled in a traditional copper alembic still.

On the Nose: Crisp and fresh traditional vodka aroma.
On the Palate:  Smooth mouth feel, backed with an alcoholic kick of a premium vodka.
Finish: Mellow, crisp and moreish.
ABV: Alc 40% Vol

Serve straight over ice